PP FRP Venturi

PP FRP Venturi

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Venturis are the most commonly used scrubber for particle collection and are capable of achieving the highest particle collection efficiency of any  wet scrubbing system. As the inlet stream enters the throat, its velocity increases greatly, atomizing and turbulently mixing with any liquid present.

The high inlet gas velocities in a venturi result in a short contact time between the liquid and gas phases. This short contact time limits gas  absorption. However, because venturis have a relatively open design compared to other scrubbers, they are very useful for simultaneous gaseous and particulate  pollutant removal.


We supply optimum quality of pollution control system. Our high performance systems are used in controlling and measuring atmospheric emissions, gases and other allied polluting factors in various industries. Our pollution control system comprises of products which are manufactured using qualitative & premium material.

We design & manufacture H.D.P.E. SCRUBBER, P.P. F.R.P. SCRUBBER, and Graphite Condenser. HDPE Heat exchanger, Ejector system, Gas Recovery system. Our Pollution control Equipments is useful for scrubbing SO2, NO2, NOX, Ammonia & HCL Gases.

We Offer :

  • HDPE Scrubber
  • PP Scrubber
  • PPFRP Ventury
  • Ejector System
  • Gas Recovery System