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H.D.P.E. Pipes

JET FIBRE PUMP manufactures High Density Polyethylene pipes through Extrusion Process using Virgin H.D.P.E. Granuales. These pipes are manufactured as per specifications of BIS , IS 4984 - 95 DN 20mm to DN 400mm & PN 2.5 to PN 16kg/cm2 and available with ISI Marks. We manufacture these pipes under our License No. CM/L: 7145768 and are being widely used in various Industries to handle the flow of water, Liquid chemicals, underground pipelines, etc. These pipes are also used in Drip, Sprinkler, Landscape Irrigation Systems, Lift Irrigation, etc.,


Corrosion Resistance

Excellent chemical resistance and are not affected unlike conventional pipes by hydrogen  Sulphide gases and other corrosive chemicals or corrosive sand around pipe.

Tough and Durable
These pipes do not crack or chip off thus saves breakage cost in long run.

Light weight & Flexibility

Light weight these pipes saves a lot of money on transportation , handling and installation. Due to light weight again these pipes can be easily dismantled and shifted to different sit location.

Long life service

As pipes do not get affected by the atmosphere, life span of a pipe could be more than 50 years

Energy Saver
Due to smooth inner surface, the friction loss gets minimized thus saves electricity at great extent.

Weld ability
HDPE/P.P. pipes are jointed by butt / fusion welding.


"JET" H.D.P.E. Pipes

PVC Pipes

Metal Pipes

"JET" Pipes are Life time use in normal working conditions

Not guaranteed

Not guaranteed

Light weight & makes handling easy & convenient Saves on Transportation cost.

Light weight though should be handled with utmost care against breakage.

Heavy weight

"JET" Pipes are corrosion Resistance Pipe.

Not recommended due to its reactivness.

Not resistant to corrosion

More flexible and makes laying of pipes easy even on uneven surfaces.


Rigid and unclear surface. Has to be connected with addition joint.

"JET" Pipes in smaller diameters upto 90mm are available in single length upto 500 Mtrs

Available only in 5/6 Mtrs. lengths

Available only in 5/6 Mtrs. lengths

100% leak proof and jointing by butt fusion welding than per act and continuous manufactured product.

Most of cases during the time if jointing pipes are minimum leakages otherwise after short time pipe are leakages

Most of cases during the time if jointing pipes are minimum leakages otherwise after short time pipe are leakages

"JET" Pipes Strength are Excellent

Very Poor


Smooth internal surfaces ensure very low frictional losses resulting in Energy saving upto 33%.